11:00 am to 2:30 pm

Salads & Starters

head on soft shell shrimp 16

fish sauce caramel, thai basil, chili

cambodian papaya salad 15

spicy tamarind, thai chili, dried shrimp, peanuts, thai
basil, mint, cilantro

burmese ginger & melon salad 16

seeds, fruit, cabbage, miso, kaffir lime leaf, peanuts,
sesame, pumpkin seeds

cambodian chili dog 12

all beef dog, prohok, cabbage, pickled jalapeño, mayo, crispy shallots, sarcones roll

Noodles & Plates

mawn noodle soup 18

mina’s chicken stock, poached breast and thigh, schmaltz, crispy garlic

beef noodle soup 18

sliced wagyu, braised oxtail, dill, cilantro, thai basil
+ jidori egg 2

beef noodle katiew 21

sliced wagyu, braised oxtail, pickled jalapeño, chili jam,
oyster sauce

yellow curry noodle soup 21

blended coconut curry, shaved cabbage,
long beans, herbs, peanuts
choice of chicken, tofu, or lump crab +6

spicy red miso peanut noodles 21

cold wives noodles, sweet and sour carrot, cucumber,
crispy shallot, crushed peanuts,
choice of prohok or tofu

night market noodles 21

cold wives noodles, vegan oyster sauce, chili oil,
thai chili, crispy neighborhood ramen,
choice of poached chicken, tofu or shrimp

thai crab fried rice 34

crispy garlic, scallion, crab fat butter

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funnel cake 10

miso caramel, macaroon coconut

jasmine rice pudding 10

rotating selection


thai tea 4

Iao iced coffee 4

palm sugar flower tea 4

coconut water 4

mexican coke 5

lacroix 3